Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 months old

Claire is 4 months old today! Weighing at about 18lbs, and wearing up to 12 months size clothes! She is becoming more interactive and her personalty is starting to show. She is the best of both worlds; one day she wants to be held (practically all day) and other days she is perfectly content entertaining herself under her gym, in front of the TV or even staring at the white wall. She loves attention and to be picked up and carried around so she can see her surroundings. She is interested in her voice screeching, squealing and gurgling away. One night caught her singing herself to sleep. She smiles every time you look at her and makes a gurgly squeal to go with it. I also feel that she is very smart because she has all ready figured out how some of her toys work. When one of them stops playing music she knows how to turn it on and make it play again. She also recently figured how to take her pacifier our of her mouth hold it and try to put it back in as well as holding her own bottle. She is infatuated with her hands, and has a new cute habit of sucking her bottom lip.