Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hanging out inside

My apartment is on the top right
Claire loves bath time.
Look! Hair!

She loves to watch the movie Tangled. She will sing, dance and repeat words while watching it. She also LOVES her baby einstein!

Fun in the spring sun!

Claire loves to play outside! she will say outside and point to the door everyday!

Sticks are her new favorite toy

First trip to the ER

Claire was playing at the mall court yard, tripped on her own feet while running and fell on to the foot of a iron chair. Luckily some doctors were shopping that day and helped escort me to the emergency room. She got about thirty stitches (internal and external). The cat scan came back normal. She was pretty traumatized during the event, but was ready to play as soon as we left the hospital.

Boo boo

Claire is healing up well.. Here is about 1+ week post accident. All of her stitches have dissolved (three were taken out) she will need to wear a band-aid or lots of sunscreen over it at all times from now on.

New Hat

Claire had a great dad and daughter time with Carl in February. One of his co-workers made her this cute hat and scarf. Thank you!