Saturday, June 23, 2012

Claire and I walking in VA

Fun at the mall

Claire had a fun outing at the mall. Here is a fountain that she stopped and played in. 

Claire also got to pick out an outfit for her birthday bunny. She has become attached to her bunny and has been treating it like its her best friend. She really enjoys taking pictures of her too.  

Birthday cont.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friend's Birthday party

My friend's son had a Spiderman party at the park. Claire had a great time. The backdrop was made by my friend. She is very crafty!
This cute little girl is Claire;s friend Penny she is the daughter to my best friend in Richmond
I love this picture of her!

Birthday May 17

Claire's actual birthday at home. She was very happy to have presents again
I have no idea why. Maybe this "happy birthday" song was out of tune

Birthday Party

Claire's and my friends!

She Really liked the attention of the Happy Birthday song at this party
The Cake, that was fun to make chatting on the phone with mom the whole time