Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Beach

we had such a great day at the beach! We ate crab at a fun restaurant, and played in the sand and water.

I think she was thinking wait a min, I should be making this diaper wet!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Claires First Birthday!

Its hard to believe that a year has gone by since Claire was born. It seems like yesterday when I went into labor at a gauge sale on Sat morning and had her on Sun at 2:35 am. A year later, she enjoyed a great breakfast, opened some gifts from her Dad and friends, went to my work for some Birthday wishes, then more gifts from Grandma, and then ate some Claire Bear cake. She had a great day and loved playing with all of her new toys! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts! Hope you enjoy the pictures below. She is also walking, and running in her new birthday shoes, eating most solid foods, and blowing me away with how fast her brain is developing! She is one very smart and sweet lady! Happy Birthday Claire!

Birthday breakfast

Claire enjoyed some strawberries (her favorite) with an added bonus of cool whip for her Birthday breakfast.

Big mouth full :)


Claire got a shopping cart. She loves to push it all over the place and puts her new favorite stuffed animal that says her name and all her favorite things and sang her Happy Birthday in it.
Love this picture!

Opening a cute book that will teach her how to count to ten!

Excited about her baby blocks.

Cute sun dress from my friend April
Great books from my friend Christen

Excited to play with everything
Reflecting over her past year of life

Presents from Grandma Moeller

Anxiously awaiting to open the package from Grandma. Claire is wearing a bear hat that she wore to go get the mail in
Posing with one of the many summer out fits. Thanks Mom!

Eating the gold fish snacks from the package

Making the Cake

Good base
adding peaks

Ta Da!

Eating the cake

She went for the cake . . . .
Took the eye out . . . .
Thought about it . . .
Then . . . I dont know why . . .maybe she felt bad . . .

I guess she thought it was her party and she can cry if she wants to
After a break from the cake. I gave her some again in her high chair, and it went much better

first taste . . .
and she likes it :)

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!